Dear madam president, HE. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of the United Republic of Tanzania As-salamu alaykum!


A mother is a leader, caretaker. However, some activists believe that when it comes to leadership within the context of the country’s constitution, laws and regulations, the word mother should not exist. I prefer not to call you “mama” . You’re the president of this country.Madam president, things are not so good. Your leadership during a difficult transition period has been good, and you have done a good job. From a phase that ended abruptly to a new phase that is brimming with wisdom and great wisdom, as it may appear. Let’s talk now!I am aware that there are individuals (within your circle in the system) who will affirm that the situation is satisfactory. Leaders owns a set of these bunch on their docket. Their duty is to give only positive information, even when it’s evident that things aren’t going wellThe mistakes you’re making, both in the government and in your political party, are being replicated by your assistants. resulting in the people’s complete loss of faith in your government. There was a consensus that this would be a better government than the previous one.

Whichever position you take, one thing is incontrovertible: No country thrives in the long-term under just one leader. viability development only occurs when leaders invest in human capital & protect freedom of speech. What’s happening now is a total copycat from Magufuli tenure. Someday, if you decide to get out of your docket or go on foot and talk to people on the street, people who aren’t assigned by your system to speak to you will definitely understand that the streets have fade-up with your government completely. Check it & you will thank me laterNew jobs are not being created in both the government and private sector. There is no industrial construction going on. The country lacks economic policies that demonstrate a vision for overcoming poverty. No policy and its coordination. What is the blueprint of your government?If we remain quite, our generation will continuously vote in the wrong set of politicians into power who either aren’t smart enough to know the right things to do or just dont care about the people and despite knowing what to do have decided to not do the right things.“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” Martin Luther King Jr quote on the detrimental effect of the silent witness. One voice heard encourages others to voice their concerns also, it’s the accumulative number of people that make the difference.So, we can’t afford to accept almost everything our government does or say. Never. It’s not feasible for us to remain silent about social issues. We won’t. Activists must defend citizen’s values when dealing with government that failed to protect and promote those values.Madam President, you became an instant star and for a time, the hashtag with your names toured and trended on Twitter (mostly) and other social media platforms. Why? You appeared to offer new hope to this country after the quietus of the late John Pombe Magufuli. What happened? You’ve had several options on paper of fostering an inclusive Tanzania by opening its civic space to future leaders or a closed Tanzania, which remains willfully ignorant to new ideas.

Since the takeover, U could choose to lead this country down a new path, you opted the opposite Madam President, your leadership style was seen as a potential contrast from your predecessor, a audacious populist who earned the nickname “tingatinga” for muscling through policies and who drew criticism for his intolerance of dissent.You have been confronted with the task of healing a country which was polarised during Magufuli tenure. The country moved toward full-on authoritarianism. That’s not a debate. Hoped for the best after his demise, but you offered (us) the opposite. I can tell. Your regime has sought to muzzle independent voices, particularly those of the political opposition, but also members of civil society, the business community, and organized religion. Now it’s even quite a crime to single give out the testimony of what is going on in our country.

During Magufuli six-year reigns, TZ was transformed from a country where free speech was tolerated, to one where even mentioning Jo Pombe’s name without putting a positive spin on it could vex the suspicion of the supremacy. We’re now experiencing the same ride with you, Samia. Citizens are now being compelled to express their criticism politely (as they call it-ukosoaji wa staha). They are obligated to use the word ‘mother’ and they maintain that it is not appropriate to criticize (you) using language and voices that do not suit your credentials. The interpretation of authoritarian rule is simple and it is averse to criticism. Tanzania’s founding President Julius Nyerere conceived of African liberation as the building of inclusive democracy, a free press, tolerance of criticism, respect for minorities, and limits on power John Magufuli during his reign and the ruling CCM’s increased reliance on authoritarian tactics mark a sharp drop in legitimacy from Tanzania’s once proud democratic norms. And now, the well known as good-hearted, Samia Suluhu is doing the same as the late John Pombe.

It’s scary. Effort to re-style institutions to ensure impunity has extended to the judiciary, which has been incapacitated through state appointments that have been exerted without independent parliamentary vetting. Courts have sided with the state on every major issue under contention. BAD! To date, we have observed media that appears to have been heavily compromised. Your government has turned the known media into an executive rubber stamp. Shutting down critical media outlets to silencing strong opposition voices its now becoming a norm. We need media that delves deeply into issues in order to get to the bottom of issues of national interest and come to a discourse that makes logical sense. Captivating media outlets won’t help you anyhow. You really must take a steady path-but not of the term benevolent dictator. While John Magufuli is still loved by many on these streets by his fictitious propaganda, others loath him for putting his critics behind bars. A number of journalists and opposition politicians were killed in broad daylight during his presidency. Don’t take that path. Never.

Investigations into these killings were neither carried out nor condemned anyhow. Like many autocratic rulers before him, Magufuli peddled the illusion of development & progress that could easily disappear once he’s gone. That’s the really definition of a benevolent dictator.We will protest police brutality & political inequity bravely. We aren’t safe enough to let the iniquitous trend continue. we’re not deep lying to ourselves. Protesting police brutality must be justified. We’re not going to normalizing the killing of people under police arrest.With our so-called unity and solidarity, We will be working in vain if we do not have the peace that is brought by people having freedom, freedom of expression is a must, even though it has its limits. It should be protected big time. People should be free within freedom itself.Youth in Tanzania just want to be safe and stop living in fear. We know that if we do stay quite, we, our brothers, sisters, friends, or other family member could become the next victim of police brutality, unlawful arrest, or extrajudicial killings. We truly know that.

We are not asking for too much. All we are asking for is the barest minimum. We simply want the government to value our lives. And we are well within our right. Currently, many have been killed, many injured, with several others arrested. We want to put those things clear.We’re asking for 24 hours electricity, we’re asking for portable water, we’re asking for good health care system, we’re asking for food security, we’re asking for a better education system, we’re asking for massive employment opportunities, we’re asking for better housing.In a country where people provide their own electricity through generators and Solar panels, making their own local roads and sanitize their water, its obvious there is no government.

Most government officials and politicians are there to enrich themselves and their cronies.The fuel is a component in a growing economy like Tanzania. What’s your plan regarding this sector? Unregulated lobbyism and uncoordinated policy costing the sector badly. It’s two years down since you entered the office and we’re yet to see the impact of your any agenda on fuelsMadam President, it’s possible that there are too many things that need to be dealt with urgently. and we are starting to believe that such urgent questions are accumulating with increasing speed. With little indication that there is any respite anywhere near by.Tanzanians are divided into shareholding categories, so what about non-shareholders? National interest always trumps personal gain.

Your government officials should once abandon their selfishness for the benefit of the people. They must take our country’s interest a get-go.If you remain silent when important things are going on that affect almost everything and the entire society, then you are tacitly approving what’s going on, So we can’t afford to remain silent on the issues that matters the most. We will speak, loudly.Madam President, let these people give you a compliment you deserve, allow them to praise you and sing those songs you like the most, they will applause you with some harps, harps and chants, but never stop them from criticizing you and your leadership. Patience is measured here!

Don’t you hear the pandemonium about TOZO? You let your officials mislead you by telling that people accepted electronic transaction fees & that only differ on the tariffs and rates. No. Listen to the tax payers. Double taxation in a single operation is a burden to a taxpayer. We all know the current uneven political playing field and biased institutional environment, any CCM victory in the elections will be seen by many as lacking legitimacy. For that cause, you don’t see the need to have a valid discussion of new constitution (KATIBA MPYA?)

In the meantime, Tanzanians can still draw on their longstanding norms as a source of resilience in navigating the way forward. Many recall the role of you, Madam president to take this call as a YES, so that we can start a new journey that will leave your legacy, forever!If needed reforms remain ignored, patriotic, independent voices like (what happened with Freeman Mbowe) remain captive, the hopes of anything resembling a ‘new hope for the country’ will remain an illusion. And the only rectification is to account in the new constitution deal.We recently were in the midst of something called “reconciliation” between CCM & CHADEMA.

Who is zooming whom? Does your government still have the same desire for reconciliation? The reason I’m asking these questions is because you’re the leader of the ruling political party, CCM. Constitution handed you the baton. There some hooligans who can advise you erroneously. Madam President, Don’t listen to what those hooligans are telling you. They want you to do some wrong moves so that they will get something on paper to push their agenda. Stay alerted!

Magufuli banned rallies, suppress the press, cowed and co-opted independent institutions, and committed overt and covert violence against political opponents and ‘dissenters’ within the ruling party (CCM) and the opposition forbye. Don’t forge to buy that roadblock.Magufuli believed the opposition were puppets of foreign interests. His sole language to the opposition was force, and he made it his mission to eradicate multiparty politics. He failed before his demise.

There is agreement across the political spectrum that things have changed.Dubious DP WORLD deal. Government has often shown a disturbing penchant for entering into agreements that will land the whole country into trouble for careless commitments. The fact of the matter is that the g’ment has, over time, eroded trust it could have had with the public.

Madam President, your government has been handed what some refer to as a death sentence by entering into agreements with Dubai-based company (Dubai Port ‘DP’ WORLD) that is seeking to operate Dar es Salaam port (and many others) for the coming 100 years, or more.

I’m not trying to look obfuscation. There have been issues that have generated alot of speculation. It appears that there were other bidders for the position of running the port in Dar. Who are those bidders? What was the process of bidding, and who was the most qualified bidder?Unfortunately, with this Dubious DP WORLD deal government has turned the house of representatives to act like as an executive rubber-stamp and the press is typically a “neutered press”.

Reporters will report what is censored and what the government want to be aired to the public.Whether the agreement with United Arabs Emirate’s based company (DPW) is to the benefit or detriment of Tanzanians, still hangs in the balance. What we know so far is that this issue can’t and shouldn’t be stifled by any state agency. We need to reach a consensus on that scale.Madam President, there comes a point when every institution is spotlighted. This is the moment when integrity and endurance are tested. Despite the varied views, there must be an organization that puts things in perspective. The judiciary. We hope there’s to stop the matter.

Acquire our ideas and myths. Out hope, Judiciary is the only institution that is not somewhat compromised, that is impartial and, more importantly, that has the highest level of integrity. We hope we’re not wrong, that’s why we have taken the matter to the court of law.

I believe, greed is the reason why African leaders end up selling their countries to foreigners for the benefit of themselves and their families. We have had it enough witnessing our inherited properties, raw materials and land being sold in the name of investment.Inflation hits high. Pushed by cost of commodities and equipment, so monetary alone can’t arrest the situation. People in the streets have no enough money and yet commodity prices are going up. What’s your government’s fiscal measures to help addressing the situation? Your government need fiscal measures like reviewing taxes, charges, fees and levies on key items to address the factors which push pressure on the cost increase that increasing food scarcity, hence pushing up the prices. As of now your government is close-mouthed on the matter.